Craig Shoemaker

“Shoe ” as he's often called began his career in his hometown of Philadelphia where he honed his comedic skills and characters while bartending and attending Temple University. A natural storyteller with sharp observational instincts Craig’s performances are often based on the hilarious -- and sometimes shocking -- twists and turns of his own life.

Craig filmed his latest 90-minute standup special "Daditude" in front of a SRO Webb Theatre audience in Anaheim CA (which later aired prime time for three months on SHOWTIME Network).

In addition to decades of stand up comedy Craig has appeared in over 100 TV shows and films. He has current recurring roles on The Bold and The Beautiful and as the head of the local Tea Party on NBC’s Parks & Recreation and he’s been seen and heard in movies and shows such as Scream 2 Pleasantville Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Big Foot Little Foot and Totally Baked (which he also wrote and produced). He is currently producing a series of animated shorts a documentary and is developing a web series.


Craig has a doctorate degree from Cal U of PA (Dr Shoe!) and is an ordained minister. In 2003 Craig founded to start The Laughter Movement and use laughter as a healing modality. He is passionate about going beyond comedy and officiating weddings of “HaHa-trimony ” as well as assisting people in mastering love & happiness