Audrey Dunham: Plant-Based, Slim Living - SIMPLIFIED.


Mar 10 Sat
11:00 AM
Special Event

For the past 17 years, Audrey has been on a quest to find answers to the riddle so many of us have been trying to crack: How do we become the slimmest, healthiest versions of ourselves without the crazy roller coaster dieting, or without spending half our lives in the gym? 

With so much noise and misleading information being thrown at us constantly, it's almost impossible to know what we should or should not be eating. However, after years of thorough research, working with her own clients, and through personal experimentation, Audrey has found amazing answers and solutions that you can simply apply to your life immediately! 

Join Audrey Dunham for her new seminar, "Plant-Based, Slim Living - SIMPLIFIED." Her practical approach and step-by-step guide will allow you to quickly understand and ease into a plant-based lifestyle, soon achieving desired fat loss, all while enjoying an abundance of delicious food!


Admission to this seminar includes a brief intermission with light refreshments.